Unique internships

Knowledge is key at Be-Mobile. Sharing knowledge and continuous learning are two important values for us. Therefore, we always make our well-prepared internships very interesting and challenging, involving a two-way evaluation: not only do we assess how much you have learned from us, but also what we have learned from you. Check our internship opportunities.


Team Algorithms develops state-of-the-art features and data engines for our core products, such as a smart route planner or Automatic Incident Detection (AID).

Traffic Lab

Our Traffic Engineers are hooked on finding innovative traffic prediction models through our big data. Matlab and Python are their preferred software tools to protype technical specs in Smart Mobility.

R&D Department (Frontend, Backend, DevOps, GIS)

Our R&D Department develops in cutting-edge technologies such as Docker, Golang, Vuejs, Kafka, Kubernetes. Big Data needs fancy databases: we use MongoDB and Elastic Search. Don’t let these technologies scare you off, there are about 40 tech experts who have your back!


Conducting research through dissertation or PhD subjects related to our business is strongly supported at Be-Mobile.


Do you want to make sure our clients and prospects know how awesome and innovative our tech solutions are? Social media, newsletters, website, fairs and articles are some of the tools you will be playing with to approach them!

Strategic Sales

Our dedicated Sales team is on the move with new products in new markets with new clients. They aspire to share our beliefs with governments, local authorities, road operators and logistics companies on the benefits of our Smart Mobility solutions.

Human Resources

Experience the variety of Human Capital in a technological environment with 200 employees! Learn the strategic and operational ropes that our energetic team of HR generalists is faced with. We cheer ambition, initiative and feedback.

Graphic Design

Just like our in-house dynamic and ambitious graphic designer, you truly grasp the power of graphics in this scale-up tech company and let our products, projects and processes speak for themselves! Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign are the preferred tools to translate your creative thoughts into the graphic material we need.

Sounds like you?

“Every time, team leads and coaches look for the best projects, tailor-made for students who will soon set foot in the professional world. Internships that give the maximum level of autonomy and are well guided by our team of experienced colleagues. Internships where you can have a taste of technologies that are not yet taught in school, or at least not to the extent that we use them today, day after day. It’s a unique opportunity, both for students and for our colleagues in coaching and guiding the next generation. The pleasure is always mutual.”

Elke Rottier, HR Director

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